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Apply for Meals

Clients qualify for Meals on Wheels if they are elderlyphysically challenged, recovering from sickness, injury or surgery, or simply unable to shop or prepare their own meals.

Meals may be requested by the clients, by a family member, or by a recognized social service. The request may be submitted by phone, and must contain basic information on the client who will be receiving the service:


  • client's age, address and phone number

  • name, address, phone number and relationship of a family member or reliable neighbor whom we can notify in case of an emergency involving the client

  • and name, address and phone number of the person who will pay for the meals.


Service normally begins on the Monday following the request for service.  In special, urgent cases, delivery can begin sooner.

Specify needs for special meals (e.g., no fish, no pork). There is no need to specify diabetic meals, as the dieticians have designed our meals to be suitable for diabetic and non-diabetic diets alike (although persons  with diabetes may need to consider their intake of some items, such as carbohydrates).

To apply, call Dave Bennett or Ed Rastatter at 301-654-4610.

"We thank you heartily for all your work with Meals on Wheels. Your presence, as well as that of the other volunteers was very important in his life, brightening it every day." – Family of F.M.

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